There are five values that affect us both personally and corporately as we live out our mission together
of GIVING HOPE by bringing people into REAL relationships and AUTHENTIC FAITH in JESUS

We are partners in creating comfortable and relaxed environments that allow us to engage the culture around us, accept and encourage our diversity, and show others that this is a place to belong.

-Open Handed-
We live generous lives; going out of our way to give of our time, talents and resources in order to build God's Kingdom in practical ways.

-Future Focused-
We live for those coming after us. We believe that the future is now and we want to equip the next generation to do greater and go further than we can ever imagine.

We are a community of people who love God and love others; who intentionally seek out relational opportunities; and who desire to show our world that we are all in this together.

We live real lives; we face real problems, and we overcome them together. We are honest; we make mistakes; we show grace; we seek truth. We are Bible believing, Spirit led, praying lovers of Jesus who are pursuing the eternal call of God in our hearts.

We are part of a global movement of passionate people
extending God's grace and igniting hope in every community

The Apostolic Church of Pentecost is a Fellowship that represents hundreds of churches and credentialed ministers across Canada. We’re committed to being part of a global movement of passionate people who extending God’s grace and igniting his hope in every community. We strive to develop and release effective leaders and healthy churches who transform communities.

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